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AEM Forms Administration Training Student Manual


AEM Forms is a comprehensive and top-of-the-line enterprise form solution. It contains leading-edge tools and meets the needs of the entire enterprise form workflow. Unfortunately, too many organizations are not realizing value from their investment in AEM Forms. This is due to two reasons. First of all, Adobe’s own communication focuses on the big picture benefits and not on the technical details. And secondly, other trainers will teach you about a facet of the system without explaining the whole gem. We will show you the whole gem.

Course Outline

  • Overview
  • The AEM Forms on OSGI technology stack
  • The AEM Forms on JEE technology stack
  • The AEM Forms tools
Installation and Configuration
  • AEM OSGI Installation
  • Starting an Author Instance
  • Starting an Publish Instance
  • Starting from the Command Line
  • Running AEM as a Service
  • AEM Forms on JEE Installation
  • Configuring SSL and Document Security
  • Configuring PDF Generator
  • Configuring AEM Forms with SharePoint
The Administrative Interfaces
  • Admin UI
  • Administration tools in the Classic UI
  • Administration tools in the Touch UI
  • The Adobe Web Console
  • CRXDE Lite
Working with AEM Packages
  • Package Manager
  • Package Share
  • Installing Packages in CRX
  • Installing Packages from Package Share
  • Installing the AEM Forms Add-On Package
  • Installing the Reference Themes Package
Working with AEM Forms Archives (LCAs)
  • Importing an application or archive
  • Deploying an application
  • Removing Applications
  • Trouble-shooting Application Issues
  • Exporting AEM Forms Archive Files
Connecting Databases to AEM Forms
  • Configuring Datasources
  • Locating the JDBC Driver
  • Configuring Datasources for MS SQL Server
  • Configuring Datasources for Oracle
  • Configuring the JdbcService
  • Configuring the JDBC Components
AEM Publishing and Web Server Integration
  • Overview of AEM Publishing
  • Creating Replication Agents
  • Dispatcher
  • Configuring Dispatcher on IIS
  • Configuring Dispatcher on Apache
  • Creating Flush Agents
User Management – AEM Forms on JEE
  • Synchronizing with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Setting Permissions
  • Creating users and groups
  • Creating a dynamic group
  • Overview of Roles
  • Creating a Role
User Management – AEM Forms on OSGI
  • The Apache Jackrabbit Oak LDAP Identity Provider
  • The Apache Jackrabbit Oak Default Sync Handler
  • The Apache Jackrabbit Oak External Login Module
  • User Administration in AEM
  • ACLs and Actions
Automating Processes with Workbench Workflows
  • Workbench Introduction
  • Connecting AEM Forms with CRX
  • Storing Documents in CRX
  • Retrieving Documents from CRX
  • Configuring the LDAPService in AdminUI
  • Calling the LDAP Query Operation
  • Calling the LDAP Query to XML Operation
  • Developing a PDF Generator App
Automating Processes with OSGI Workflows
  • Using the Assembler Service and DDX
  • Optimizing PDFs with the PDF Generator Service
  • Using the OutputService to generate PDFs
Log Files
  • Overview of Important Log files
  • Creating Custom Log files
System Monitoring and Security
  • Managing the Super Administrator Passwords
  • The AEM Operations Dashboard
  • The AEM Forms on JEE Health Monitor
  • Changing the Defaults
  • Managing security on endpoints
  • Enabling or disabling an endpoint
  • The Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Filter
Extending AEM Forms with Custom Components
  • Reviewing the Eclipse Project and source code
  • Compiling and installing the component
  • Using the component in a Process

PDF AEM Forms and Databases Course Outline (PDF)