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AEM Forms Training

AEM Forms Design and Develop Student Manual.


AEM Forms is a two-day, instructor-led classroom or virtual course. You will learn to create adaptive and responsive forms. This course will cover topics for a front-end developer including creating and managing form templates, adaptive forms, scripting, themes, language, and finalized Documents of Record (DORs). You will also create a Forms Portal to display your forms to your end users.

Course Outline

  • Overview
  • AEM Forms Architecture Overview
  • AEM Forms Tools
  • AEM Forms in Action
Installation and Configuration
  • Overview
  • Installing Packages in CRX
  • Installing Packages from Package Share
  • Configuring your environment
Introduction to Adaptive Forms
  • Using an Adaptive Form
  • Creating an Adaptive Form
Adaptive Form Templates
  • Adding Structure to your Template
  • Adding Initial Content to your Template
Creating the AEM Form
  • Creating an adaptive form based on a schema
  • Creating an adaptive form based on an XDP
  • Creating the panels and fields
Scripting and the Rule Editor
  • Hiding and showing fields and panels
  • Validating Date Fields
  • Scripting Dynamic layouts
  • Calculating sums
  • Prefilling form fields with data
  • Using Themes
  • Updating Themes
  • Creating New Themes
Document of Record (DoR)
  • Using an XDP as the DoR
  • Using a base template to define your DoR
  • Generating a Document of Record
  • Using the Form Model as the DoR
  • Excluding fields from the DoR
Forms Portal
  • Creating an AEM Sites page
  • Adding the Search and Lister component
  • Configuring the Search and Lister component
  • Customizing the HTML in your portal
  • Customizing the CSS in your portal

PDF AEM Forms Course Outline (PDF)