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AEM Forms Document Security Student Manual


Master the Adobe Document Security tools and techniques. The course includes theory about Adobe Digital Rights Management followed by hands-on exercises. Participants will learn how to work with and develop policies, rights-managed documents and workflows. Students will learn the fundamentals of Adobe DRM and also create sophisticated server applications that apply policies and encryption and also applications that revoke security and retire documents. Advanced users will learn how to integrate Adobe DRM with other enterprise systems.

In addition to providing you with theory about Adobe DRM, a large segment of the training is devoted to hands-on exercises as well as demonstrations. For each lesson, we will start with an activity to introduce you to some of the concepts that will be covered in the lesson. We will then cover the content of the lessons using a combination of lectures and demonstrations. We will finish off each lesson with an exercise where you can put into practice the topics covered in the lesson.

Course Outline

Introduction to Digital Rights Management
  • Viewing a Rights-Managed File
  • Discussing Use Cases
Introduction to Adobe Application Development
  • Reviewing an Application
  • Developing an Application
Introduction to Adobe Server Administration
  • Reviewing the Administration Console
  • Creating a Watched Folder
Watermarks and Messages
  • Creating a Dynamic Watermark
  • Dynamic Watermarks and Messages
Policy Sets and Policies
  • Creating a Policy Set
  • Creating a Policy
  • Enabling Policies
Applying Policies server-side
  • DRM operations and services
  • Creating an application
  • Testing your application
Applying Policies with Acrobat
  • Applying a Policy with Acrobat
  • Revoking a Document
External Authorization Handlers
  • Creating External Authorization Handlers
  • Installing and Deploying Custom Components
Digital Signatures and Certified PDFs
  • Signing and Certifying a PDF document
  • Analyzing Signature Status

PDF AEM Forms Document Security Course Outline (PDF)