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AEM Forms Portals

As an Adobe Solutions Partner, SmartDoc Technologies designs and develops AEM Forms Portals and applications. A Forms Portal enables you to realize immediate value from your AEM investment. End users access the portal to easily find and complete forms.

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AEM Forms Portal

The Merrill Edge Forms Portal

SmartDoc Technologies developed this portal based on standard, out-of-the-box AEM Forms components. The portal provides the following business benefits to Merrill Edge.

  • Clients easily FIND the right form for their business need. This easy self-fulfillment saves Merrill Edge a great deal of time and money providing forms to clients and prospects.
  • Users easily FILL in the form on their computer or mobile device because the AEM forms are responsive to their device.
  • Form fillers easily SUBMIT the form when they finish.
  • AEM Forms will automatically PROCESS the form submission. The form data is stored in a database and the DOR (Document of Record) is archived to a content management system.
  • When the process is completed, AEM Forms will RESPOND to the user with confirmation and next steps.

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Click here to see a demo version of the Merrill Lynch AEM Forms Portal.