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HTML Mobile Forms

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HTML Mobile Forms


HTML Mobile forms will streamline your business and save your organization time and money. Tasks that previously took days will now take minutes with HTML forms for mobile users.

Mobile forms

Unlike PDF, there are no compatibility issues with HTML forms. Although interactive PDF forms work well in Adobe Acrobat and Reader, many browsers today use their own PDF viewer and not Adobe’s programs. This is true for Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, and many others. When users open an interactive PDF form with these browsers, a warning message like this one stops their progress and hurts your business. This problem is solved with HTML forms.

PDF will not preview in the browser

Now that your form compatibilty problems are solved with HTML forms, read on to learn how SmartDoc Technologies will streamline your form-related business processes. We are experienced experts at integrating forms with databases, creating dynamic forms, and performing automatic calculations in forms.

Integrate your HTML Forms with Databases

Integrate your HTML forms with real-time and accurate information. Prefill forms with relavant data and enable your users to submit their completed forms for seemless enterprise integration.

Integrate your forms with Databases

  • Prefill your mobile forms with data from your databases or LDAP
  • Dynamically update drop-down list based on user selections
  • Submit your mobile forms to web services and databases

Contact us to learn more about integrating your HTML Forms with data.

Dynamic HTML Forms

Dynamic HTML Forms enable you to condense a great deal of form content into smaller and simpler forms. Instead of creating, editing, and managing many different forms for each specific business scenario, use dynamic forms that are flexible to the various needs of your clients. In this example, we show an insurance client that now uses only one dynamic form for many different policy types.

dynamic mobile forms

  • Maximize reuse of common form content
  • Simplify the management of your forms
  • Reduce the amount of uncompleted forms

Contact us to learn more about Dynamic HTML Forms

Progessive Disclosure

Are you tired of long and cumbersome multipage forms? Progressive disclosure is a design technique that we use to reveal (disclose) content as the user progresses through the form. For instance, the hedge fund questions shown here are only uncovered when the user select Hedge Fund.

dynamic mobile forms

  • Simplify the form filling process
  • Reduce the size and demoralizing effects of long forms
  • Improve your form success

Contact us to learn more about progressive disclosure in your form.

Dynamic Tables and Calculations

Dynamic tables and automatic calculations enable your HTML forms to work like spreadsheets. Users easily enter the information you need and the form assists them in providing accurate data.

dynamic mobile forms

  • Dynamic layouts that accommodate any amount of data
  • Accurate and automatic calculations
  • Easy to enter and edit data entries

Contact us to learn more about dynamic tables and calculations.

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