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Consulting, Development and Training for XFA Based Forms


We work with large clients and small on sophisticated and simple interactive PDF forms development. If you are a first time LiveCycle developer, you will find it easier and more cost effective to work with us than to struggle with dynamic PDF technology on your own. If you are an experience LiveCycle developer, you may want to work with us to take advantage of our expertise and our rapid, low-cost development provided by our specialized team in SmartDoc-Beijing.

PDF Forms Consulting

Do you have a forms project but are not sure where to begin? Let SmartDoc Technologies help you navigate the complexities of Acrobat PDF forms and Adobe LiveCycle. Our specialists are Adobe-certified experts in PDF technologies and can provide you with consulting services to help you figure out your form requirements and best means to achieve your business goals. We can offer you advice on how to improve your form, plan an efficient form workflow and get the best results for the least amount of money.

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PDF Forms Development

Whether you have a simple single page form or several complex, multi-page forms, SmartDoc Technologies is here to help. We develop all sorts of PDF forms projects no matter how small or how large. If you have a form that is almost complete, we can help you complete it. If you have a form that is still in paper, we can convert your document to an interactive PDF form.

Here are some of the PDF Form Development services we provide:

Form Conversion – we take old paper forms, static Microsoft Word documents, PDF files or other documents and convert them into interactive Acrobat PDF forms.

Form Design – we improve the visual layout and user interface of forms to make them look more professional and easier to use.

Form Development – we make forms more interactive and intuitive by adding advanced JavaScript functionality and custom validation scripts.

Form Updates – we modify and enhance existing PDF forms or finish forms that were found to be too difficult to develop.

LiveCycle Integration – we update existing forms to integrate them with LiveCycle ES applications.

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The SmartDoc Technologies Advantage

Because SmartDoc Technologies has Project Managers and PDF Form Developers in both the Eastern United States and Beijing, China, our teams work in tandem to create a constant, 24-hour development cycle. This allows us to deliver your projects much faster and most updates can be completed overnight.

PDF Forms Training

Do you have a forms development team in need of PDF form training? SmartDoc Technologies is a premier Adobe LiveCycle training company. Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by engineers at Adobe Systems, Inc. All of our trainers are Adobe-certified and have real-world experience working on some of our most complicated LiveCycle projects. SmartDoc Technologies can set up a custom curriculum for your organization and provide your team with specialized in-house training.

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