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Develop Websites and Components in Adobe Experience Manager


Develop Websites and Components in Adobe Experience Manager (formerly known as AEM Sites: Developer), is a four-day course, instructor-led (in classroom and virtual), that teaches the fundamentals of building a custom website based on templates and components. It provides conceptual information on JCR, web framework, and OSGi framework. Using CRXDE Lite, students will develop a custom website while reinforcing the fundamental concepts, such as components, templates, dynamic image rendering, navigation, and modularization. It also covers responsive design with hands-on activities.

This course has deep coverage on HTL, the templating language that helps front-end developers to quickly develop components.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of Adobe Experience Manager
  • Install Adobe Experience Manager
  • Perform basic authoring tasks
  • Create and manage packages
  • Describe the steps of Sling script resolution
  • Design and develop a responsive and modern site using HTL
  • Inherit and customize existing components
  • Build your own content and structure components
  • Work with client libraries
  • Internationalize your content using Mixins
  • Run Hobbes test suites
  • Add components to the responsive grid


  • Architecture Overview
  • Installation
  • Authoring Basics
  • Developer Tools
  • Introduction to Content Rendering
  • Templates
  • Introduction to HTL
  • Inheritance
  • Design & Styles
  • Developing Structure Components
  • The Responsive Grid
  • Advanced Sling Functionality
  • Internationalization (Globalization/Localization)
  • Content Components
  • Debugging and Testing
  • Using Brackets for Development
  • AEM Environment

   PDF  Develop Websites and Components in AEM Course Outline (PDF)

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