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Maven Projects

Maven Projects Student Manual


Maven Projects is an instructor-led classroom or virtual course where you will learn to create Maven projects for Adobe Experience Manager. Maven Projects are an ideal way to organize and automate the packaging of both your content and your code. You will learn to use POM (Project Object Model) files to configure your project’s properties, dependencies, build profiles and runtime configurations.

AEM Maven Project POM file, pom.xml

Students will learn how to create Maven projects and compile their projects as OSGi bundles to an AEM server. Student will also learn how deploy code to AEM servers through build profiles. The course is organized into a series of modules that contain hands-on exercises. Students will use sample Java code to develop OSGi bundles that enhance the functionality of Adobe AEM.

AEM Maven Project Build Result after compile


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Install and configure the AEM Plugin for Eclipse.
  • Create AEM Projects with Maven Archetypes.
  • Update POM (Project Object Model) files.
  • Trouble-shoot dependencies in POM files.
  • Manage build profiles and Maven goals.
  • Synchronize code and content between Eclipse and AEM.
  • Use sample Java code to create services.
  • Compile OSGi bundles.
  • Install, configure, and manage your OSGi bundles.

   PDF  Maven Projects Course Outline (PDF)

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