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Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Second Edition.

The new version of LiveCycle Designer (ES4) allows for the first time forms to be deployed in HTML5 format.

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Case studies of today's most successful paperless solutions with Adobe Acrobat, LiveCycle and InDesign Server.

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About This Book

Using Adobe LiveCycle Designer, form designers and developers can create well-designed, interactive forms that are better for both the user of the form and ultimately the compiler of the form data. In Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer, J.P.Terry explains how to get the most out of this powerful and versatile tool. Whether you're a designer with little programming experience or a programmer without formal design training, this book is for anyone who needs and appreciates the power of well-designed, interactive forms. The book was written in tandem with the Adobe LiveCycle development team and it has been thoroughly reviewed by several Adobe-certified engineers and form designers. This book is accessible enough for a beginner but rich enough for advanced users. It covers all of the major LiveCycle Designer features and includes valuable links to other documentation and resources.

You'll Learn

  • Why LiveCycle Designer is the best choice for form design and creation.
  • How LiveCycle Designer combines PDF and XFA for the best form performance.
  • Why form design matters, and how it can effect your form's effectiveness and user's responses.
  • How to work with the LiveCycle Designer tools and objects.
  • How to add power and automation to your forms with simple and advanced scripting.

Book Errata

Page 32
Step 4 is correct if you are using Designer 7.x, 8.0 or 8.1. However, Adobe has updated this interface. If you are using Designer ES (8.2) or ES2 (9.0), Step 4 should read, "Select File > Form Properties and then select the Preview tab.

Page 107
The final sentence should read: "In this case the body page subform (page2) is related to the master page (mp_2) by using the Place property on the Pagination tab of the Object palette."

Page 159
The final sentence should read: "Simply select File > Form Properties > Defaults and reestablish the link in the Data File field." Select the directory icon to the right of the Data Fil? field and you can re-establish the link with the shirtColor.xml. If you are using Designer ES, follow these steps instead: File > Form Properties > Preview > Data File. Select the directory icon to the right of the text field and you can re-establish the link with the shirtColor.xml data file.

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