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Paperless: Real World Solutions using Adobe Technology

Adobe LiveCycle Designer Second Edition.

The new version of LiveCycle Designer (ES4) allows for the first time forms to be deployed in HTML5 format.

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LiveCycle Designer is a powerful tool for creating interactive and dynamic PDF forms. This book will show you how.

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About This Book

Streamline your organization by replacing paper documents with electronic solutions. Paperless is one part inspiration and two parts instruction. You will be inspired by real-world case studies as you meet people who have brought paperless change to their organizations. You will learn what worked and how you can apply these experiences to your own work. Meet lawyers, doctors, and business leaders who have transformed their operations with Adobe technology.

But the inspiration is just the beginning. The majority of this book is instruction on Adobe's most important paperless technologies. Each section is full of hands-on demos that will show you how to get real business value from products you may already own. You will learn how to create and use digital signatures, certify PDFs, and integrate dynamic documents with your existing systems. This book explains all you need to know to be on your way to a paperless future.

  • Learn how the Federal Government uses certified PDFs and how New York State uses e-Forms to save millions of dollars.
  • Find out how the Kane County court system takes advantage of PDF forms to protect abuse victims.
  • See how one doctor is reducing Medicare costs by replacing expensive emergency room visits with paperless house calls.
  • Follow in-depth lessons to learn how to use the Adobe technology, including Acrobat, LiveCycle Designer, LiveCycle ES/ES2, and InDesign Server.