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XML and XML Schema

Adobe XML Training Student Manual


XML and XML Schema is specifically designed to teach XML and XML Schema to Adobe Form Designers and Developers. Successful outcomes with Adobe’s key AEM Forms products are heavily dependent on expertise in XML and XML Schema. If you work with AEM Forms, AEM Forms Designer, or AEM Forms Workbench, you already know how important XML and XML Schema are to your success.

This intense 1-day, instructor-led workshop will show you the important details about XML and XML Schema that you are missing. The course includes theory about XML and XML Schema followed by hands-on exercises. Participants will learn the fundamentals of XML and XML Schema and how they work in Adobe’s products. Take your skills to the next level or enhance the functionality of your AEM Forms with this important and intensive class.


After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the key attributes of an XML document prolog (header).
  • Identify the key attributes of an XML document content section.
  • Identify the Root Element of an XML document and schema.
  • Explain and use XML elements.
  • Explain and use XML attributes.
  • Explain and use XML datatypes.
  • Test an XML document for Well-Formedness.
  • Test an XML document for Validation.
  • Create XML Schema simple types.
  • Create XML Schema complex types.
  • Create XML Schema abstract complex types.
  • Understand the difference between global and local attributes.
  • Understand entities, annotations, and references.
  • Formulate new strategies to improve data integrity in your Adobe solutions.

   PDF  XML and XML Schema Course Outline (PDF)

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