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You are in the right place for the premier Adobe AEM Forms training. Our trainers are Adobe Certified Instructors (ACIs) and Adobe Certified Experts (ACEs) in AEM Forms and LiveCycle. You will receive 30 days of complimentary access to a fully-configured AEM Forms development environment so you can practice while the information is top of mind. After that, you are welcome to continue with our hosted environments or to port your work to your own AEM Servers.

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Each course is professionally documented in one of our industry-leading student manuals. Our training manuals have been used successfully by over 15,000 students over the past 10 years. Each AEM Forms Training volume is superbly illustrated and designed for hands-on learning.

You can find examples of our high quality AEM Forms Training on the Adobe site. For instance, this article details the Best Practices for managing the AEM Forms Super Administrator password.

Product Versions

AEM Forms on JEE and OSGI (versions 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3)

Real World AEM Forms

AEM Forms is a comprehensive and top-of-the-line enterprise form solution. It contains leading-edge tools and meets the needs of the entire enterprise form workflow. Unfortunately, too many organizations are not realizing value from their investment in AEM Forms. This is due to two reasons. First of all, Adobe’s own communication focuses on the big picture benefits and not on the technical details. And secondly, other trainers will teach you about a facet of the system without explaining the whole gem. We will show you the whole gem.

As seen in Diagram 1, AEM Forms is actually two different products that are based on two different legacy products. AEM Forms on OSGI is a direct descendent of Communiqué WCM (commonly called CQ). As of version 6.3, this product also contains some legacy LiveCycle services. AEM Forms on JEE is a combination of CQ and Adobe’s LiveCycle product line of document-generation services.

Adobe AEM Forms Diagram

So, your first challenge is to understand the AEM Forms on JEE technology stack. As seen in Diagram 2, this stack is built on the AEM Forms Foundation which is the common run-time environment for all services. In addition to the services that Adobe provides, you can also build your own services in AEM Forms Workbench or in Java. Besides Workbench, you can also use AEM Forms Designer, AdminUI, and CRXDE when working with this technology stack.

Adobe AEM Forms Diagram

Your second challenge is to understand the AEM Forms on OSGI technology stack. As seen in Diagram 3, this stack is built on an OSGI foundation and only requires a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to run. Mastering CRX, Apache Sling, and the AEM interface and tools are critical to succeed with this technology.

Adobe AEM Forms Diagram

We will also show you how these component pieces fit together to solve the AEM Forms puzzle. Once you understand the whole picture, you will start realizing business benefits from your investment. Because, although the technology is multi-faceted, AEM Forms is a true gem.

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