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AEM Forms Workflow Training Manual


Workflow has always been an important part of AEM Forms. Previously, the best workflow tools and capabilities were on the AEM Forms on JEE platform. This platform features the AEM Forms Workbench tool and many out-of-the-box AEM Forms workflow steps. However, as of AEM 6.5, the workflow tools and capabilities of AEM Forms on OSGi now match the capabilities of AEM Forms on JEE. This course covers the workflow tools and capabilities of AEM Forms on OSGi.

AEM Forms on OSGi Workflow screenshot

AEM Forms Workflow is a 1 – 3 day, instructor-led classroom or virtual course, where you will learn to use AEM Forms on OSGi workflow to automate your forms and business processes. A 1 day course will cover the basics and a 3 – day course will cover additional, and more advanced topics. If you are just using the out-of-the-box Forms Workflow steps, you can get by with 1 – 2 days of training. However, many companies and organizations need to supplement the out-of-the-box capabilities with custom Java development. If you need to combine the out-of-the-box Forms Workflow steps with your own custom workflow steps, you will need to commit 2 – 3 days to this important training.

You will learn important AEM Forms workflow concepts and perform many hands-on exercises to build workflow solutions. In addition to design and development, you will also learn how to monitor and trouble-shoot AEM Forms workflows with the built-in AEM tools.

AEM Forms OSGI workflow model


Core Topics:
  • Configure the Document Services on AEM Forms on OSGi
  • Create and sync a workflow model
  • Use the Encryption Service in a workflow
  • Use the Output Service in a workflow
  • Create a Watched Folder
  • Use the Assembler Service in a workflow
  • Test and trouble-shoot your workflows
  • Add a user review to your workflow
  • Test and trouble-shoot a user-centric workflow
Additional Topics:
  • Create an AEM workflow that handles a form submission
  • Understand the out-of-the-box Forms Workflow steps
  • Configure an adaptive form to submit to an AEM workflow
  • Install and Configure the AEM Plugin for Eclipse
  • Install Maven
  • Create an AEM Project with Maven Archetypes
  • Edit and customize POM files
  • Develop a Java Class file for a custom workflow step
  • Compile your project and install your bundle
  • Create custom workflow steps
  • Use custom workflow steps in a workflow model
  • Monitor and trouble-shoot AEM Forms workflows with the built-in AEM tools
  • Configure and test the Reader Extensions Service
  • Configure and test the PDF Generator Service
  • Package an AEM workflow application

   PDF  AEM Forms Workflow Course Outline (PDF)

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