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JavaScript for Designer Training

JavaScript for Designer Student Manual


Move your forms from good to great with this intense JavaScript workshop. This course is a 2-day; instructor-led workshop where you will learn advanced techniques in Designer, XML, and JavaScript. The course includes theory about Designer, Adobe XFA (XML Forms Architecture) and JavaScript followed by hands-on exercises. Participants will learn the fundamentals of XML Schema, XML data, and how JavaScript works in the various Adobe DOMs (Document Object Models) and events. Take your skills to the next level or enhance the functionality of your forms with this important and intensive class. You will learn the best practices for adding JavaScript functionality to your PDF and HTML forms.

Course Outline

Scripting in Designer
  • Activity: Using FormCalc and JavaScript in Designer
  • Presentation and Demo: Scripting with Designer’s statement completion, method signatures, and event propagation features. Creating global and local variables in XFA. Creating absolute and abbreviated references to XFA nodes in your form hierarchy
  • Exercise(s): Using Action Builder, Calling a Script Object Method with JavaScript
Adobe DOMs and Events
  • Activity: Reviewing Events in XFA
  • Presentation and Demo: Reviewing the Events and Scripting form
  • Exercise(s): Adding JavaScript to multiple events
JavaScript Foundation
  • Activity: Creating a Message Box
  • Presentation and Demo: JavaScript Fundamentals, syntax rules, variables, data types, classes, properties, and methods. Math Operators, Logical Operators, Comparison Operators, and the Conditional Operator.
  • Exercise: Converting data types
JavaScript 1
  • Activity: Creating a dynamic form with an if-else statement
  • Presentation and Demo: JavaScript Statements including if-else, while, do-while, for loops, and switch, controlling the visual aspects of your form at run-time.
  • Exercise(s): Showing today’s date, use a for loop to fill a Drop-down list, creating mutually-exclusive checkboxes
JavaScript 2
  • Activity: Arrays
  • Presentation and Demo: Arrays and exception handling with Try-Catch, using arrays to sort items in a List Box.
  • Exercise(s): Sorting items in a List Box, Creating an array of 50 states
Form Data and JavaScript
  • Activity: Prefilling a form with data
  • Presentation and Demo: Connecting to data with your Designer forms
  • Exercise(s): Data binding with JavaScript, Using JavaScript to bind data with conditionals
Advanced Topics
  • Activity: Configuring the JavaScript Debugger
  • Presentation and Demo: Trouble-shooting scripts, the JavaScript Date class, looping through form fields and setting them to readOnly, dynamically calculating sums, sending email.
  • Exercise(s): Setting all fields in a form to readOnly, updating a validation function in a script object, adding time to a date object.
XML Schema and Data
  • Activity: Binding to a schema
  • Presentation and Demo: XML documents and schemas
  • Exercise(s): Create a form based on a schema

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