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AEM Forms Correspondence Management

In financial services, correspondence is the face of the company. Whether it’s a welcome letter to a new customer, a bill for an insurance premium, an account overview, or a promotional offer for a new service, correspondence serves as one of the most effective vehicles for branding and customer engagement. Adobe's Correspondence Management Solutions (CM) enables meaningful engagement with customers and a consistent and accurate presentation of your brand.

The Correspondence Management Solution centralizes and manages the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences. It enables you to quickly assemble correspondence from both pre-approved and custom-authored content in a streamlined process from creation to archival. As a result, your customers get the right communication at the right time in the right way: timely, accurate, convenient, secure, and relevant. Your business maximizes the value of customer interactions and minimizes cost and risk with a process that is streamlined for ease, speed, and productivity.

Deconstructing a Letter in Adobe Correspondence Management Solution

Batch Processing Document Generation

In addition to ad hoc correspondence creation, you can also automate and batch-process your document generation. The Letter templates you create in Adobe Experience Manager can be used as the basis of an automated AEM service to generate interactive or print-based materials on a volume scale.

Batch Processing Letters in the Adobe Correspondence Management Solution

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