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AEM Forms & SharePoint Integration

Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to work together securely on documents and team projects. Adobe AEM Forms is the worldwide leader in automating forms and document generation. Your SmartDoc team will show you how combining these products will produce a solution that is much more than just a sum of the parts.

Adobe AEM Forms and Sharepoint integration

The AEM Forms Connector for Sharepoint

The AEM Forms Connector to SharePoint enables you to use all of the following services in your applications.

Create Folder

The Create Folder operation creates a new folder on a SharePoint server. With this operation you can create a new custom document folder on any Document Library within SharePoint. This new folder can be created at the Document Library root level or can be added to any Parent folder within the library. The result of this operation is a string value that specifies the relative URL of the newly created folder.

Create Document

The Create Document operation creates a new document in SharePoint. This operation allows you to write new documents into SharePoint that you either create or modify in an AEM Forms process. If the document you are trying to write already exists in SharePoint, this operation returns the absolute URL of the existing document and a Boolean flag value of false. This failsafe method allows you to redirect your AEM Forms process so it can rename the new document and/or send an exception message to an administrator.


The Search operation invokes a SharePoint search with a specified keyword search string. With this operation you can search all sites on a SharePoint server, all document libraries of site, or only particular sites, libraries and folders.

Advanced Search

In SharePoint administrators can configure Advanced Search features for your site. This advanced search functionality can restrict the search results by file type, author, language or any custom defined property. For example if your SharePoint document library includes a custom property of DocumentID, you can add this property reference to the list of Advance Search restrictions. The Advanced Search operation in AEM Forms allows you to take advantage of the same advanced search capabilities found in SharePoint. You can search SharePoint with a keyword string but also restrict the search results to fit the needs of your process. This operation returns the same search result object as the Search operation described above but with a more refined list of results.


The Delete operation deletes a file or folder in SharePoint. With this operation your AEM Forms process can remove a document folder or file from any SharePoint Document Library.

Check In File

The Check In File operation checks in a file to a SharePoint repository. If the SharePoint Document Library allows major / minor version support on documents, this operation can be set to update the major version of the document. You can also add optional comments that update the description property of the document version. The result of this operation is a Boolean value that indicates whether the check-in operation was successful.

Check Out File

The Check Out File operation checks out a file from a SharePoint repository. If the specified file is already checked out or does not exist the operation returns a Boolean value of false indicating the check-out operation failed. A true value indicates the file was checked out successfully. This operation is necessary if your SharePoint document must be checked out before it can be modified by your AEM Forms process.

Retrieve Document Content

The Retrieve Document Content operation gets the content of a document in SharePoint. This operation gets the document content as a com.adobe.idp.Document object. The operation automatically determines the mime-type of the document from its file extension. If the file extension is missing, a default mime-type of application\octet-stream will be set to the document object. The result of this operation is a document object variable that contains the content of the specified document. This object can be used like any other document object in your AEM Forms process. It could be merged with other documents, converted to a PDF document, sent to a printer or used in any other document routing or modifying process.

Set Document Content

The Set Document Content operation sets the contents of a document in SharePoint. You can use this operation when you need your AEM Forms process to overwrite or update an existing document within SharePoint. If the SharePoint Document Library requires a document check-out before an update, this operation will throw an exception when target document is not already checked out.

Get Properties

The Get Properties operation gets the properties of a document in SharePoint. The operation returns a map variable containing name-value pairs of all the document properties stored in SharePoint. These properties include the core document properties (title, subject, author, category, keywords, description, content type and etc.), the application specific properties (application, application version, character length, and etc.) as well as custom document properties that are assigned in SharePoint. These document properties can be used in your AEM Forms process to populate fields in a form or determine which route the process takes.

Update Properties

The Update Properties operation updates the document properties of a document in SharePoint. This operation is useful when you need your AEM Forms process to update the filename, author, modified date or any other property of the document stored in SharePoint.

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