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You’ve invested over a hundred thousand dollars in Adobe software and are still waiting for your return. You’re not alone. AEM Forms is complicated and multi-faceted.

You haven’t received the right support or guidance. Even the training you attended only focused on a few facets of Adobe’s robust enterprise forms solution. You need expert insights and support for your specific goals with AEM Forms.

You are in the right place to begin your mastery of Adobe AEM Forms. Review our comprehensive AEM Forms training courses and contact us to ask your specific questions.

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Master AEM Forms with SmartDoc training

Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms

Register today for this special 1-Day Workshop in Washington, DC and online with Adobe Connect.

Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms is NOT “easier than you think”. And it’s NOT something you should be pressured to do before you have time to think. This is a big deal! You need to understand all the issues before you plan your strategy for success. Transitioning is valuable, important, and doable, but it’s not easy. We should know, we have witnessed 5 years of transformation failures by organizations who were told that, “It’s easier than you think”. Invest 1 day with us and you will save years of frustration and wasted money. We will present the technical and business realities in this easy-to-understand and compelling 1 day workshop.

Register to attend in-person or online.

   PDF  Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms Course Outline (PDF)

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Migrating from LiveCycle to AEM Forms

Training Cloud Demo and Trial

Preview the next generation in professional training, the AEM Forms Training Cloud. For the first time ever, our library of over 2500 pages of leading edge AEM Forms training materials is online. The information you need is only a few clicks away.

Currently, the Training Cloud is only available to companies and organizations. Email us for a demo or free trial of the Training Cloud.

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Training Cloud for Individuals

Many of you have asked about an Individual Subscription to the AEM Forms Training Cloud. Currently, we only offer annual subscriptions to businesses and organizations. Our current model works because our 24 AEM Forms hosted courses are supplemented with our in-person training. Before we launch an Individual Subscription, we need to make sure the same SmartDoc quality student experience can be achieved on an individual basis.

For this reason, we are seeking a highly motivated team of 6 individuals to receive an AEM Forms Training Cloud Individual Subscription for the second half of 2019 (July – December). There is no cost but there is a strict limit of 6 individuals. With our fully-booked training schedule, we only have time to support a very select group.

If you want to take the next step in your AEM Forms education, simply write a concise email to us of 50 to 150 words beginning with the following sentence, The SmartDoc courseware is useful to me because…

Since we teach in-person every week, we get first hand feedback about what’s not working. This feedback is valuable for refining the quality of our courseware. This is why students think our courseware is practical, clear, and concise. However, we also need to understand what IS working.

We will select 6 individuals with the best essays to receive a complementary subscription to the AEM Forms Training Cloud. There will be no cost on your part.

Send your emails to

Training Cloud for Individuals

AEM Forms Training.

AEM Forms Training

Our Adobe Certified Instructors provide expert training in Adobe AEM and AEM Forms.

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