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This 7-minute video shows in action. All the information you need is covered in over 110 online courses, including Adaptive Forms, Administration, Acrobat Sign, Designer, JEE and Workbench, AEM Sites, Workflow, Assets, Guides, Programming, and AEM as a Cloud Service. It’s all here and each topic includes the following:

  • Interactive eLearning modules with full accessibility for screen readers.
  • Online instructional videos with closed captioning.
  • PDF Instructional Guides with hands-on exercises.
  • Finished sample files and best-practice examples.
  • 24/7 Sandbox Server Access to fully configured AEM Forms Servers.
  • The AEM Forms Forum to post questions and answers.
  • 20% Savings on custom training and consulting.

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AEM Forms Training Subscription Guarantee

January, 2023 Training Sessions

All of our Adobe AEM Forms Training Classes are from 1 PM to 4 PM CST on Thursdays, except where noted. Feel free to contact us with questions.

  • January 5th PDF Accessibility: Different people will use our forms in different ways. Some may navigate our forms with a mouse while others may navigate them with a keyboard. Some users may have difficulty with low contrast typography while others may have challenges with certain colors. And some users will access our forms through an audible screen reader. In all of these cases, our forms will be greatly improved by adding Accessibility features. This course focuses on adding Accessibility features to PDF forms and documents.
  • January 12th Adaptive Form Accessibility: This course focuses on adding Accessibility features to AEM adaptive forms.
  • January 19th Forms Portal: AEM Forms provides out-of-the-box forms portal components that enable us to create a Forms Portal on our website. End users can access this Forms Portal to easily find, complete, and archive forms. In this class, we will use the Search and Lister and Drafts and Submissions components to create an AEM Forms Portal. The adaptive forms in our portal will each have a toolbar that includes a Reset, Save, and Submit button.

Join us to create responsive forms and workflows and to realize value from your Adobe AEM Forms investment. Learn more or subscribe today! If you are not yet a SmartDoc Subscriber, consider joining us for a complimentary class.

Adobe AEM Forms Training Classes

Component Content Management Systems with AEM Guides

Adobe Experience Manager Guides (AEM Guides) is the ideal tool for a Component Content Management System (CCMS). A successful CCMS enables us to collaboratively create content, easily access and reuse content, and publish content to multiple channels including print, PDF, and websites. Working with SmartDoc is the smart choice because we are the only Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) who has also implemented our own CCMS with AEM Guides.

  • As you see here, we manage over 100 Student Manuals with a staff of only 2 content contributors.
  • DITA topics are created and editing online with AEM Guides.
  • Just-in-time Student Manuals and website pages are published with AEM Guides.

Contact us and enable your organization to structure, manage, and optimize your enterprise content. Collaborate with your colleagues to create training manuals like we do, or other collateral like HR policies, regulatory guidelines, research reports, and marketing materials.

Beauty shot of SmartDoc User Manuals
SmartDoc Student Manuals created with our CCMS.

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